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    Vic Spencer “Church Movie”

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    Vic Spencer - National Geographical ft. Chance the Rapper

    Old Vic, newly unleashed video. And that other guy you might have heard of is there, letting fly the great forgotten line “SaveMoney the new Wu-Tang,” before there was any c(C)hance that could ever become true. Make sure you stick around for the last few glorious seconds of the beat (3:40 on),

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  3. triv1904:

    Vic Spencer is back with new record, A Blog Write-Up, dedicated to the lyrical rhyme spitters that deserves/appreciate the praise from bloggers. Vic ALWAYS appear on blogs, but he believes most of these rappers don’t appreciate being on blogs. So Vic digs in the crates and decides to go to the GrindHouse where head engineer Doc da Mindbenda is able to blend a jben.ok loop and Talib Kweli’s Wait For You together for Vic to go demolish the undeserving individuals.

    “Shouts to all the blogs that display Vic Spencer’s music”, Vic says during a interview. “The game is changing. Year before, it was TRAP. Last year was the Teenie-Bop trend. This year is the year of the lyrics, the lyrical giants. The blogs appreciate me just as much as I appreciate them because I’m able to provide a permanent balance in Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene.”

    Vic Spencer is set to release Vision Pipes a EP with TDE’s singer/producer Johnny Rocket 2/28/14.

    Loop Provider: Vic Spencer
    Produced by Doc da Mindbenda
    Artwork: Sulaiman

  4. variemag:

    A-Villa and Vic Spencer released a really cool visual for “Church Movie”. The video is sort of an art piece presenting Vic’s bars as the gospel. I had a feeling that this one was gonna be hilarious when it opens up with a sign that says “Join Us For Hip Hop Worship at 11:00am..” The flavor of this video is different. Not to mention it’s quite comical to see Vic as a pastor.

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    Vic Spencer - Know U (prod. Tree) [MP3]

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  6. In early 2011, Vic Spencer was working on his 1st “mixtape” Vic Greenthumbs, a 30-track mixtape that Vic constructed because he was turning 30 years old. Vic wanted to use loops of his favorite artists’ records. The name Vic Greenthumbs is a alter-ego of Vic Spencer and the name came from his good friend Mani Baggz. Greenthumbs appears on almost every song, encouraging Vic to keep making records and push limits. One day, Vic was playing Vic Greenthumbs records in the studio and trying to figure out what was missing. Vic recorded a record called National Geographical. The beat from the record is from J*DaVeY entitled Trans off their EP called Evil Christian Cop. It was meant to be a solo record until he heard a record called 22 Offs by the now superstar Chance the Rapper. Vic had already had a relationship with Chance through the budding SaveMoney collective from 2007. So Vic reached out to Chance to come to the final studio session to slap a 24-bar verse on National Geographical. Then Vic Spencer drops the album Vic Greenthumbs on his 30th birthday. National Geographical was the most talked about record on the album so Vic & Chance shot the video at Brookfield Zoo with Rich Media (Richie Randall), his SaveMoney brothers and SUH member Pavy. It was the 1st time anybody has heard of Chance the Rapper outside of YouMedia and the Instrumentality group.

    You can get Vic Greenthumbs mixtape here: http://www.datpiff.com/Vic-Spencer-Vic-Greenthumbs-mixtape.265792.html

    And peep the visual for National Geographical here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0dSPmzDHTA

    This was the beginning of Chance the Rapper career and the now defunct Teamwork Group (Vic Spencer, Sulaiman, Nez & Rio, Matt CNTRBND & Chance the Rapper). Vic Spencer & Chance the Rapper was suppose to drop a EP and started to work on it when the 2 released Out the Water that was produced by the now TDE producers Nez & Rio. No word on if that is going to happen, but it’s fans out there wondering when will Vic Spencer & Chance the Rapper appear on another record together. Put that in God’s hands, people..

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    Listen to Vic Spencer’s interview here

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    Soundbites @VicSpencer “The Rapping Bastard” (Album)

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    Nahright sat down with Tree to talk about the groundswell of Chicago artist making waves in the scene and broke a few gems out of the vault. Check out the article and hear some unreleased work with Tree and folks like Vic Mensa, Vic Spencer, Paypa from Project Mayhem and more.


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    A-Villa and Vic Spencer are both old-school Hip Hop devotees who would rather focus on the quality of the music instead of the hype surrounding it. A collab between the two of them was inevitable and as Villa gears up to release his b-side project Villafield he decided to unleash a…

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